Is it better to cut your dogs hair before you wash the dog or after?

October 19, 2009 by Justin 9 Comments

Question by Garey Dube: Is it better to cut your dogs hair before you wash the dog or after?
I have a Bischon Frise and im wondering if its better to wash my dog then cut her hair or cut her hair then wash her……

Best answer:

Answer by friskytam
I would cut first, then wash and blow dry, finishing with any little bits your missed.

If your dog is filthy I would wash first =P any huge matts need to come our first though.

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  1. vsatsanga says:

    after – cause it’s softer and easier to groom

  2. brat says:

    You should probably wash the dog first.Then the knots are easier to get out because they are wet.

  3. baldguy642000 says:

    First, tell me what a Bischon Frise is.

  4. maya says:

    i would wash and blowdry first before cutting because it would be more easier to cut the fur

  5. cheermiranda says:

    cut her hair then wash her

  6. junzfour says:

    Buy a shaver to help you with this problem, and if you have knots, get rid of them first because you won’t get a proper bath in but do what you have to depending on the dog’s dirt. never use scissors! The dog may flinch or jump and you may cut it seriously. A shaver please. And that cannot be done while the dog s wet, electricution is a possibility to both you and dog.

  7. chinchillaismypet says:

    wash first then dry than cut.i do that to my dog 2..

  8. barry_myster says:

    I’m going to let you know one thing….if you plan to cut your dogs hair….be very CARE FULL !!

    I can tell you many horror stories from owners that come to the clinic I work at, when owners cut their dogs hair.

    one owner cut a small piece of the dogs tongue off,

    another cut part of an ear off…

    and the list goes on…….

  9. romance_german_shepherds says:

    cut first. washing will make any mats worse.

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