What are some homemade dog food recipes?

April 8, 2011 by Justin 2 Comments

Question by Fraulein: What are some homemade dog food recipes?
I’m going to start making my dogs’ food because the food they’re on (for about a year) has recently given them upset tummies (I’m positive it’s that).

I’d like a few different dog food recipes, if you could give me some, that’d be great :)

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Answer by BSL is the *pits*
I do this for my dogs. I usually make a stew with several pounds of beef, venison or chicken along with oats or rice, pumpkin and applesauce.

Here are a couple sites with recipes:



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  1. K says:

    It’s a chore to make that much dog food from scratch so I’d recommend also buying a good quality dog food that you can mix in with it too and make sure they get all the nutrients they need. Nutro or Authority has good ingredients and isn’t expensive. As far as making food, I like to use ground turkey or chicken since it’s lean and healthy… I also make brown rice and cooked carrots or green beans and mix it all together. They love it! Organ meat is actually the healthiest for them… kidney, liver, heart, ect. My dog’s loved kidney but it was gross to cook lol. Never use grapes, onion, or garlic as these can be toxic for dogs. If you do straight homemade food and no dog food at all then buy pet vitamins because you want to make sure they’re get all their nutrients.

  2. ~ La vita è misterioso ~ says:

    Actually, providing homemade food for your dog is very simple.

    The healthiest and most natural diet is a raw diet – I prefer prey model, as it most appropriately mimics the foods that wild canids consume. It’s very simple – you feed 2-3% daily of your dog’s ideal adult body weight and divide that into 2 meals – or more for a puppy. Ratio is 80% muscle meat, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% other organ meat. No cooking required, no recipes to follow, just gather the ingredients, divide, and feed.

    BARF (Bones and Raw Food) proponents claim that wild dogs eat the rumen (stomach) contents, but this only true in the case of small prey such as birds, rodents and lagomorphs (rabbits and hares) when they generally consume the whole carcass minus the fur. In larger prey such as ruminants (deer, antelope, etc.) they eat the rumen and shake OUT the vegetation within. The amount of vegetation consumed by wild canids is miniscule and of no consequence to their necessary nutrients, and so many raw feeders feed nothing BUT meat, bones and organs.

    You may balk at raw food, but it is the most natural, unperverted food you can provide for your dog. All of the nutrients are there, all of the enzymes are there, and there is no need to supplement. My puppy always did WAY better on a raw diet than his kibble – he pooped about 75% less, the poop didn’t smell at ALL, and it was hard and compact. On kibble it was near diarrhea consistency almost all of the time, he farted a ton, and his stools smelled to high Heaven. Other reports from raw feeders exclaim exactly the same – often dogs that were fed commercial kibble had recurrent allergies and poor digestion – with a raw diet, these issues clear up altogether.

    And here’s a neat blog I found – though they feed BARF, raw food is always better than processed: http://ieatrawmeat.blogspot.com/2009/05/raw-food-diet-day-465-true-prey-model.html

    I hope this helps you! : )

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