Can i leave my dog alone in the hotel?

April 5, 2011 by Justin 12 Comments

Question by Ash: Can i leave my dog alone in the hotel?
hey we found a hotel that allows dogs… can you leave your dog alone in his crate for some hours?

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Answer by A J
sure..but when I did it..I put a do not disturb sign on my door…so the dog would not get upset with a stranger in the room..

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  1. Moogie says:

    That is what crates are for. Just make sure you potty the dog before leaving. I would not leave too long either; new place, new sounds, new smells.. it might upset your dog if you disappear for too long. However, if your dog is a barker when he/she is in the kennel you might want to rethink leaving him/her alone as a courtesy to others.

  2. ▌«♥dσσdette♥«▐ says:

    I wouldent in the crate, just let your dog roam around in the hotel room, dont leave it in a crate.


    Some hotels SPECIFICALLY say you cannot leave the dog in the room alone….crate or otherwise. So ASK so you do not get in trouble. Dogs left alone, even in a crate can bark and annoy other guests.

    **There is some good advice!! “Let it roam around in the room without a crate”!!!! That is a good way to have to pay BOOKU bucks in damages!!!!

  4. su·i ge·ne·ris says:

    Sure, why not?

  5. just an opinion says:

    I’d check with the hotel. Some have rules against leaving pets alone in them. However if you do, you should keep him crated with a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, and try not to be gone for hours on end.

  6. TonyWithLove says:

    Most hotels have conditions attached. Some even state that if a pet is left alone in the room, the police may be called in.
    It’s a judgment call on your part.

  7. Harriet E says:

    sure but put ur do not disturb sign up and make sure to come back every once in a while to take him on a walk. and feed him of course! XD

  8. Massie B says:


  9. makwa1963 says:

    If you can do it at home he should be fine in the hotel.

  10. oregano13 says:

    Each hotel has their own policies, so ask in advance. Many will state that you can not leave your dog unattended in the room, and if you do, that they can call animal control and have it removed. Safest to phone ahead and see what the specific hotel’s rules are.

  11. Justin says:

    If i worked in a hotel and i found a dog left in the room, i would eat it ……..but only if the owners name was ash and the dogs name was cody…..

  12. Karen L says:

    Check with the hotel. Many don’t want dogs left alone in the room at any time, crated or not.

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